Complete Medication Management System

P5 Med is a complete medication management system that includes medication charts, prescriptions and numerous alerts, assisting staff achieve an error free medication administration process.

Key features of P5 Med:



•   Addresses the Nine Rights of Medication Administration              

     •  Right patient                  •  Right documentation
     •  Right drug                      •  Right action
     •  Right route                     •  Right form
     •  Right time                      •  Right response
     •  Right dose                                                                

•     Prescriptions can be populated, printed, ready to be signed & submitted

•     Medication categories on the chart follow actual practices ie. Regular Medications packed’, ‘PRN
      medicines’ or Infrequent medicines’ etc

•     Administration & relevant resident / client information appears on the chart directly from completed
      nursing assessments – Recently administered & previously prescribed details are instantly viewable

•     Auto-population of medication details onto charts & forms
      – From entered prescriptions or other pharmacy / GP software systems

•    Instant links to medication Incident forms, progress notes, weights & vital signs, health management  
     forms, medication administration assessment details, infection forms and others

•    Our Mim’s medication data updates more frequently than other medication systems’ data

•    Medication round alerts

•    Administration & other related alerts

•    Medication options manager

Live vs docking device

A ‘Round’ can often take… 2-3 hours to complete.

A LIVE wifi medication system, using wireless technology will tell you instantly a medication is ceased or an allergy has changed or a new medicine is ordered.

A GP or Prescriber adds these details from any location, they are on the chart so the nurse/carer completing the ‘Round’ will see these changes instantly. A Round can take 2-3 hours to complete, hence having this information LIVE means less potential errors.

Only a LIVE wifi system will give staff accurate and immediate medication administration details. A docking device system can only tell the person completing the ‘Round’ what was current 2 or 3 hours ago, when they started the round, as details wont update their charts until they ‘dock in again’ at the end.

Medication administration errors could occur if a medicine is ‘ceased’ whilst a round is underway and this detail isn’t shown straight away.

Cost Savings

The average cost of one ‘docking device’ could = 8 tablets.

Live wifi tablets = 8 staff using tablet devices for recording numerous activities or events at the same time instead of just one staff member doing a ‘round’.

The cost of adding extra wifi boosters to enhance signals.

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