Sophisticated Fiscal Reporting & Monitoring

The benefits of using a single installation of Platinum 5 for ALL your organisational needs are clear – one DB, one set of data 
congruent throughout, one server!

  • Complete financial management for health and community organisations
  • Completely configurable Charts of Accounts, Ledgers, Charges & more
  • Use for single or multi-company entities, multi-national businesses
  • Includes: Auto and manual Invoicing, Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, P&L’s, EFT / bank feeds & Budgeting
  • Asset and Inventory linked to P5 Exec contents
  • Profile single or multiple sites separately


The P5 Finance Setup feature enables complete configurability, enabling organisations to Setup their structure, charges, financial years (to name a few) to meet an aged care facility’s individual Financial Management needs’ / style.

Congruent System In A Single DB - Access All Data From One Source

All resident / client details are congruent throughout the single DB system, as data is accessed from the same single source and resident forms. The Resident’s/Client’s home page is where clinical & admin staff enter general details. The resident / client Finance Home page is available from either the P5 Search feature, Clinical Home page or the Finance button.



Please note all modules included in our latest feature rich Platinum product – P5 Finance.

Resident Access

  • Resident Access


  • Donor Management


  • Suppliers
  • Supplier Purchase Request
  • Supplier Purchase Order
  • Supplier New Transaction
  • All Supplier Transaction


  • Manual invoicing
  • Sundry General Fees Invoice
  • Auto-generated invoicing
  • Receipts List
  • Direct Debit
  • Receipt Reversal
  • Income Accrual
  • Bulk Receipting
  • Bulk Receipting Templates


  • Bond Auto Generated Invoicing
  • Bond Register


  • Budget List


  • Financial Reports

Finance Setup

  • Setup
  • Subsidiary Reconciliation

Resident Subsidy

  • Residential Subsidy
  • Reconciliation List
  • ACFI Builder
  • Manage Daily ACFI Rates


  • ILTS Codes Lookup
  • Funding Bodies Lookup


  • Asset Management
  • Depreciation Schedule
  • Depreciation Transaction List
  • Asset Class
  • Asset Department
  • Auto Depreciate Assets

General Ledger

  • Chart Of Accounts
  • Journal List
  • Account Template
  • General Journal Template
  • General Journal
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Bank Reconciliation List

Sundry Debtors

  • Sundry Debtor List
  • Add Sundry Debtor Price goes up tomorrow Close of business. Register now! For 25%...


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