P5 Exec Includes the management & safety system requirements of a community & aged care organization via the following modules:

Platinum 5 Exec

  • A client configurable reports system to enable managers to report to boards accurately whilst efficiently monitoring day to day activities.

  • Configure the entire system contents to reflect the way your organisation manages risk, staff & your business.

  • P5 Exec is adaptable to fit you! You don't have to fit it.

Our ‘Management & Safety systems’ functionality includes:

  • A complete communication system linked to tasks – from the continuous quality improvements area & the Meetings Module

  • The Staff & Suppliers module is linked to Education & Credential details, the Maintenance section & assets area. Staff are supported through a Tasks / Roster calendar, Staff Messages, Staff reports, Education & Credential details

  • The comprehensive maintenance system is linked to your organisation structure, your Suppliers and assets so all manner of reports can be generated to view which items were maintained in which manner when or from which location

  • Our Hazards and Incidents Alert’s mechanism links staff to immediate Risks so they can be managed in a timely manner

  • ‘When education sessions are scheduled, staff receive a Staff message and the session is logged in their tasks calendar on the date they should attend. Credentials’ details are linked to Users’ home pages, avoiding the need to re-enter information”

  • The Meetings module sends messages to staff AND lists the meeting in the Staff member’s calendar directly

  •  And many more features provide key benefits by being in the one system…
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