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It is our goal to ensure that all LeecareCloud.com services have maximum uptime, reliability, security, and preparedness in the event of business continuity or disaster recovery requirements.

We address these goals in multiple ways.

Server Hardware

All services run on server hardware from major server manufacturers such as Dell. They use redundant hard disks so that in the event of a disk failure, the mirror copy of the software continues to run.

The RAM memory in the server uses server-class error correction memory to reduce the risk of memory errors causing program errors.


All remote communications to the LeecareCloud.com services are encrypted using industry best practice Digital Certificates, of the same strength as used by the major Australian banks. This provides security of data 'in transit'.

Information on the hard disks is encrypted with military-grade encryption that provides security of data 'at rest'. This for example prevents access to hard disk data when there is physical access tothe hard disks.

Security and System Monitoring

All systems are monitored 24x7 and in the event of a problem, within one minute alerts are forwarded to support staff. Applications are also monitored and automatically restarted in the event of an application crash.

Most critically, every system is manually reviewed on a daily basis to analyze logs of firewalls as well as system and application logs. The status of database backups are reviewed daily with full backups run and stored locally three times a day. A remote copy backup is also made on a daily basis in order to ensure appropriate offsite backup for disaster recovery purposes. This remote backup is sent over an encrypted communications link and is stored on an encrypted hard disk.



Operational services

The main servers for the LeecareCloud.com servers are held in a high security data centre in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. This data center also hosts services for some of Australia's largest organizations including utilities and media groups.

The data centre itself has significant redundant infrastructure for electricity, cooling, and telecommunications supplies as well as protection from fire and explosions with gas fire suppression systems and walls made from fire rated plaster and reinforced steel.

Large server facilities run hot, so cooling of the facility is vital. The centre's cooling chillers are fully redundant internally with two pumps and two compressors, and the centre also has a second redundant chiller.

A consistent controlled power source is fundamental, and in order to ensure access to non-stop power, the data centre has three separate distribution streams of power, each with its own power switchboard and Uninterruptible Power Supply.

And just in case there is an extended area wide power outage, the centre has two parallel diesel generators (the two green boxes in the picture below that are each over 3 metres tall).

Telecommunications redundancy is provided with fiber optic data links from Telstra, Optus, Pipe Networks, and Uecomm ensuring multiple Internet connections. into the facility.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services

Daily offsite backups are made over an encrypted link with backups stored on an encrypted link. These backups are located on a system 30 kilometres from the main data centre. In the event of a major disaster, backups can be used to rebuild systems with a typical turn-around of 24 to 48 hours.

For organizations requiring shorter turn-around times for business continuity and disaster recovery, we are able to offer hot standby systems located in a second data centre located in the Melbourne CBD with typical turn-around of less than 60 minutes for implementation of the disaster recovery system.

Contact Leecare for pricing and options.

Help Desk procedures

If you are experiencing problems accessing a LeecareCloud.com system, firstly ensure that you system has full Internet access. For example, try to access web sites such as http://google.com and http://abc.net.au to verify that your Internet access is operating normally.

Next, refresh the web browser page while trying to access your Platinum 5 login page that will be similar to the web address https://mysystem.leecarecloud.com:8443/platinum5

If you still cannot access the LeecareCloud.com system, call the Leecare Help Desk 24x7 support number on: 03 9339 6886.


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