Plati P5num 5.0 Appliance

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Appliance Technology

Leecare Solutions’ easy-to-use, state of the art Platinum 5.0 Care, Lifestyle and Management Software comes pre-installed, pre-configured on a Leecare server to provide you with instant technology. This is a fully managed server / service which includes a secure Disaster Recovery service, regular backups throughout the day and other commensurate server support activities etc...

Looking for an easy, low risk option to implement Clinical and Care Management software?

The Appliance is a set and forget device that requires no maintenance on your part. Recommended for organisations that have limited or no in-house IT resources and support.

 The Platinum 5.0 Appliance Model put simply means:

  • Fixed Costs all the hardware, software, maintenance & support costs are known and fixed enabling transparent & predictable financial planning
  • Choice – flexible technology for any browser, any device, any platform
  • Zero Capital Expenditure – save capital for other core business functions
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership – get more value out of your IT – No additional hardware or license fees required
  • Rapid Deployment and Real-Time to Value – close the gap from purchase to implementation to full user adoption Price goes up tomorrow Close of business. Register now! For 25%...


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