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Want to know what our customers are saying?

Jan Clark, Executive Care Manager, Maurice Zeffert Home Inc, Perth WA.

After attending a personalised presentation of the Leecareplus program in 2006, my colleague and I chose Leecareplus as a far superior system for the organisation’s clinical needs in comparison to other computer assessment/care plan programs we had researched. We have not been disappointed ! To our surprised delight the staff who had very little or no computer skills were positively challenged while becoming competent in using this system and those who were already computer literate took to it “like a duck to water”.

We are very fortunate to have an Information Support Officer who has superior computer skills and a small team of Clinical Nurses who are very motivated towards training our care staff to use the program efficiently. Over the last few years we have benefited from the continuous improvement as Leecareplus personnel regularly upgrade the system in response to changing aged care legislation (eg funding tool changes from RCS to ACFI), partnership with Medicare Australia & the users’ feedback.

The key points that make Leecareplus program stand out for us are:

  • Initial training was provided by Leecare over several days for a large group of our staff. We found this training essential to our success. Ongoing training from Leecare is available on request Caroline and her team’s clever ability to combine their first hand experience and knowledge in clinical aged care, government legislation and IT to develop an integrated program that is ideal and user friendly Local networking forums facilitated by Leecare are great because at these forums, not only do we have first hand discussions with Leecare personnel, but also with other aged care clients in WA The audit tools (infection rates, incident lists, ACFI scores, weight and BMI lists etc) which make data collection and analysis so much easier and less time consuming than the old paper based system

  • Improved communication systems between staff by using the alert and message tools, the ability to quickly access the residents’ records, including progress notes and care plans from any internal computer or mobile notebook (but only for those who have authorised access)

  • Improved time management for me – I am able to check on residents’ progress and communicate with all staff from my office. This ability is also invaluable when residents’ families or external health care personnel contact me to discuss issues

  • When investigating a complaint the information is so easy to access and print out within selected dates, even when documented long ago

  • The very comprehensive assessment system which automatically feeds information to the personalised care plans – this beats the old way when we used to have to write up each personalised care plan for the residents and hope that we had duplicated every detail to meet the funding tool and accreditation requirements. Our team feel much more confident now knowing that our Leecare documentation will show the details accurately & consistently across the integrated system

  • We have received many compliments from acute hospital personnel and external health care professionals, including geriatric physicians, informing us that the instantly generated information such as transfer details, care plan summary etc are the most comprehensive and useful they have ever seen

  • The Leecareplus team’s pursuit in excellence, effective communication systems with their clients and their respectful responses to our suggestions. Some of our suggestions have been incorporated into the Leecareplus upgrades. When networking I have not heard of any other operations software company that is so responsive and supportive to our needs and also “does not charge the earth” !

  • Cost effective advantages related to increased productivity, less expenditure on paper, ink, photocopying, file management, assessment tools etc.

Carolyn Kwok, Deputy CEO, RSL Lifecare NSW.

We have used leetotalcare since 2008. It has helped us achieve great outcomes for residents, fulfilling our mission to support the elderly of our country who fought to keep us safe - when they are at their most vulnerable. Staff embraced this new technology with open arms, and there is nothing hidden from us anymore. We have done away with duplication, we would never go back to using paper knowing what we now know. We no longer have the fear that something might be missing or that we can't find information when we need it most. And our ACFI's have increased! We are secure in what we claim, knowing beforehand exactly what all staff are saying about every topic of care! Leecare is fully integrated into our quality system, the alerts tell us everything we need to know and we have been able to tie our policies and procedures to our practice. What has occurred now is we have gone from a 'Why' to a 'Why Not' staff culture.

Susanne Macri AM, D. Hon (ACU), Consultant, Health and Aged Care.

Whilst not an end user, I have had the privilege over many years, to see first hand the initial development, ongoing development and implementation of the “Leecareplus” integrated care and Operations software solution into the aged care industry. What makes this package stand-out from other similar packages is the first-hand knowledge and skills of an aged care industry leader, Caroline Lee and her team in the continued pursuit of excellence. They have ensured that the software solutions developed are at the cutting edge of the IT industry in aged care and I have no hesitation in commending the product to the industry. Price goes up tomorrow Close of business. Register now! For 25%...


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