Leecare Solutions has serviced the aged care industry since 1992 as Lee Consulting Australia - an expert Aged Care Consulting group working with homes under sanctions, preparing appeals and reviews, setting up management and clinical systems.

In 1997 it pioneered the first electronic care planning system to complement its Focus Accreditation Package for aged care. This was the fore-runner for the 2002 leetotalcare®, an aged care, gerontology specific and comprehensive care management software program.

By 2006 leetotalcare® had evolved into an Enterprise, SQL database program to be current with the latest programming and technology of it’s time. This gave way to yet another industry first, leecareplus®, the only care and management solution to address all 4 Aged Care Accreditation Standards in an integrated, customisable, and user-friendly interface.

Today we remain as market leaders and innovators with our new Platinum 5, web-based, open source platform system.

We are synonymous with providing the most professional, intuitive and user friendly gerontic healthcare management solution. We have also been winners of the Information Technology in Aged Care (ITAC) awards for ‘Best Implementation of the Year’ for 5 years in a row, the latest being a 2010 Win in the 150-650 bed category with South Australia based client, Uniting Care Wesley-Port Adelaide, preceded by the 2009 over 150 bed category ITAC Award Win with Barwon Health. Leecare Solutions take a collaborative approach with clients to ensure that all requirements have been sufficiently identified to provide solutions that specifically meet client needs.

 Expert Aged Care Consulting

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